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Rain Flowers

Without rain showers, there are no flowers.

10/19/11 11:03 pm - My mom just pulled a soup can out of the pantry that expired in 1998.

It still doesn't beat the seasoning we found last year that my mom had brought with her when she moved from Michigan in 1985. Nothing I like more than nutmeg that's older than I am!

I really need to find a way to break my mom of the "It's still good even when it 1203948304208 years old" mentality. She was debating on whether or not to open and clean the cans so we could recycle them I was like "JUST THROW THEM AWAY PLEASE"

5/15/11 11:41 pm - The gold you find on Tumblr.


Apparently I wasn't the only one who was excited for the 5th episode. LMAO I FUCKING LOVE TUMBLR. The first one had me dying I was laughing so hard.


This episode was perfect beyond words *_* I can't wait for the episode with the bathhouse! ♥ Filler looks like it'll be fun :)

5/13/11 04:00 pm

So fandom now! And I must talk about fandom because I've just recently gotten into two new ones: Ao no Exorcist and Deadman Wonderland. :0

Fandoms consumes your life, tumblr consumes your life, THE INTERNET CONSUMES EVERYTHINGCollapse )

*slinks off to continue surfing tumblr*

5/13/11 03:01 pm

So apparently I need to update more about my life and less about fandoms lol. Might be hard to do because I have no life~~

Went to Andrea's graduation party on Sunday and saw a few people I went to middle school with, but really haven't talked to since. :) Nice to reminisce. I'm not very good at keeping in contact with people once we stop seeing each other regularly. I only really talk to three people from high school and I have no urge to reconnect with the people I don't talk to anymore. We had fun together in high school, but people move on with their lives. I don't miss them or wish to reconnect with them. The internet makes it easy, but I just find it too awkward. If I saw them in real life I'd avoid them just the same. We obviously stopped talking/hanging out for a reason and I don't want to waste time rediscovering that reason. Or maybe I'm just mean idk :( NOT A PEOPLE PERSON HERE. Had lunch with Andrea again today and that was ♥ ♥ Don't go to Atlanta ;; We'll never see each other again and then I'll only hang out with two friends from high school. T_T

Had dinner with Jennifer (high school friends #2) on Wed. Hey girl hey~ Went to Crazy Sushi and had deliciousness. Finally got to meet her beau that I've been hearing about (and puppy~) and then went and got coffee. Of course I was stupid and forgot my money so Jen had to pay. :( Will be making that up to you soon bb ♥ I always feel like I can be most open with you :) lovu lovu

STILL HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING WITH NATALIE (#3) SINCE SHE GRADUATED. Girl where you at? :( I hope you feel better from your illness. And then come talk to me about how cute Gerard and LynZ are. I just discovered their cuteness.

And now that I post it, I just noticed that the three friends I kept from high school were the only ones to have LJs. Haha LJ does more than keep me glued to my computer screen! And now separate post for fandom!
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2/11/11 11:38 pm




2/10/11 11:36 pm - Satanism, manga and SJM, Oh my!

First Satanism~~

While reading the Asexuality wiki page (again) there was a section that stated that the only religion/religious text to acknowledge asexuality was the Satanist Bible. I honestly never knew there was a Satanist bible and immediately went to its wiki page to read up on it. I now very badly want a copy. XD I believe that it is a very misunderstood religion due to the Satanic Panic in the 80s and just the fact that they use the word Satan in the title. I know when I expressed interest in it Kelsey side eyed me.

I also seemed to upset her yesterday when I mentioned going to an Atheist meet up with a friend who, understandably, wishes to find fellow atheists in her community. I have no plans in becoming an atheist or a satanist, but I also don't see what's wrong with being friends and/or hanging out with them. From what I've read so far on the Satanist Bible wiki page I find it more people friendly than the Bible. :/ I don't agree with the selfish out look, but I can see where it comes from. Makes me want to go to an objective Bible study, where we look at the bible as an actual piece of literature and not the "word of God". IDK Like I said before I find the more comfortable and confident I become with my own religion the more I can look and listen to others and not feel like yelling "YOU'RE WRONG >:(". Everyone has a right to believe in what they want as long as those beliefs do not hurt others, emotionally, psychologically, or physically.

Now onto Manga! I don't believe I have any friends in any of my manga fandoms (xxxholic, Pandora Hearts, D.gray-man and Axis Powers Hetalia) so plz skip to the next section.

FANDOM RAGE!!Collapse )

Axis Powers Hetalia is every thing I've ever wanted from a history lesson: history accurately told by very attractive, crazy people in funny situations. I didn't even know half these countries existed before this show. Who the fuck knew the country of Belarus?? Latvia? That's what I thought. Dub is freaking hilarious. Four for you Funimation!

So I don't believe I have many SJM fans on my FL either, but wtf. It feels like 2008 all over again. :( I don't mind Min and Hyuk, but I really hope they are just featured and not permanent. Though, as long as Mi gets screen time and displays his wonderful, sparkly personality then I'm all good. If Min and Hyuk can keep SJM alive with out Hangeng then I'm all for it. Just give me a second album. NOW. I NEED MORE HD ZHOUMI IN MY LIFE.

1/29/11 02:49 am - The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show

So, I just watched an abridged series of an abridged series. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard. Literally for the last hour I was crying. Thinking about it still makes me laugh uncontrollably. Littlekuriboh, how are you this amazing?? XDXD
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1/18/11 09:53 pm - DRRR!!

So I started watching Durarara!!. I feel it was inevitable what with my love of violent pairings and all the Shizuo x Izaya AMVs I've seen recently. Though the thing that really made me finally start watching was a prompt on their kink memes lol.

"Shizuo... making sweet love to the vending machine"

I mean, if THAT doesn't peak your interest I don't know what will. Only on episode 6, but the part where Shizuo hits Izaya with a freaking trashcan and then throws a vending machine at him has to be my favorite so far lol. He's just so crazy violent and Izaya doesn't seem to mind XD. Also love Kida and Mikado's epic BROMANCE :DD The storyline is very interesting as well. Overall I really like the way it's put together; the story, the characters and the animation.

11/27/10 11:41 pm

We are currently going through my dad's childhood photos. L.O.L. He is the definition of a ginger. I'm torn between thinking he was attractive to thinking he looked like a girl. If my mom let's me hold some of the pictures I'll post them XD

11/11/10 07:17 pm

I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH A $500 CHESS SET!!!! FML!! T_T It's so pretty~~
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